Deal follows company’s recent in-licensing of 5’ nuclease-process patent and influenza subtyping signatures.

Biosearch Technologies has expanded its licenses to IP owned by Roche Molecular Systems. The firm says that the new rights allow it to manufacture and sell validated kits to the in vitro diagnostic marketplace as licensed products covered by multiple Roche patents.

The kits will include probes, primers, enzymes, and other essential reagents for the amplification and detection of diagnostic targets. “With this expanded Roche license, Biosearch is poised to enter the IVD marketplace as a pivotal manufacturer of diagnostic kits,” points out Marc Beal, director of corporate development.

Biosearch negotiated licenses to Roche patents covering the 5’ nuclease process in September 2009. Later that year the company licensed CDC patents covering the 2009 H1N1 and influenza A subtyping signatures. The firm invented and markets the Black Hole Quencher®, CAL Fluor®, and Quasar® dye technologies, which it offers for research applications. The dyes are also synthesized into probes for incorporation into commercial diagnostic kits.

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