BioInvent International just sold back all its rights to preclinical cancer candidate ADC-1013 to Alligator Bioscience after having manufactured ADC-1013 successfully. The firm says it still plans to fulfill the remaining chemistry, manufacturing, and control activities necessary to supply the drug to its first-in-human study, which both companies expect to start by the end of 2014.

ADC-1013, according to Alligator, is an antibody-based immunotherapy that can induce antitumor immune effects by activating CD40 receptors on antigen-presenting dendritic cells. BioInvent describes the candidate as a FIND®-optimized n-CoDeR® antibody, FIND being Alligator's in vitro based antibody optimization technology and n-CoDeR being BioInvent's antibody library containing 20 billion human antibody genes. 

Alligator’s CEO Sibylle Lenz said in a statement that the firm is pleased to be regaining full control over ADC-1013. “Cancer immunotherapy is a very exciting area and we have a strong support from our main investors to move ahead with the clinical trial as scheduled,” she added.

With its work with ADC-1013 being wrapped up, BioInvent says it plans to focus on its fully owned drug development candidates BI-505 (currently in Phase II for multiple myeloma) and BI-1206, which has a first-in-human study in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma coming up in late 2014/early 2015.

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