Combined expertise is expected to speed research on anticancer drugs.

BioFocus DPI and Oncodesign are pooling their respective expertise to provide clients with oncology drug discovery services. The partnership will leverage BioFocus’ target discovery and screening technologies, Oncodesign’s experimental pharmacology and biomarker design capabilities, as well as both companies’ complementary medicinal chemistry expertise.

The alliance emerged in response to the industry’s growing knowledge of disease pathways and resulting need for specialized drug discovery services, comments Chris Newton, svp at BioFocus DPI. “Oncodesign’s extensive experience in developing anticancer therapeutics complements BioFocus DPI’s medicinal chemistry and biology expertise, creating a focused oncology drug discovery offering that can move rapidly from hit-finding to preclinical candidate.”
U.K.-based BioFocus DPI is the drug discovery services division of Galapagos and offers fully integrated drug and target discovery services along with assay development and screening, compound libraries, structural biology expertise, in silico drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, ADME/PK capabilities, and compound management services. Based in France, Oncodesign is a specialist oncology preclinical CRO, offering a suite of discovery services along with preclinical, translational, and clinical research up to Phase I/IIb trials.

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