HHS dominated top-five list.

The HHS commissioned Bavarian Nordic to manufacture smallpox vaccines in a deal that could be worth $1.6 billion. The firm must deliver 20 million doses of Imvamune® over the next five years. Thus far, the company has received $100 million. 

The HHS signed a contract with Emergent BioSolutions totaling almost $448 million linked to the company’s anthrax vaccine. The department will procure 18.75 million doses of BioThrax through September 2010 for $400 million. The firm is working on getting approval for BioThrax, which is marketed as a pre-exposure prophylaxis, in the postexposure indication. More.

DynPort Vaccine and Baxter received a $201.2 million HHS award to develop Baxter’s seasonal and pandemic flu vaccines. The support will go toward the development of the seasonal influenza vaccine through FDA licensure as well as the pandemic vaccine through Phase II trials in adults and pediatric Phase I studies. More.

Another grant related to flu vaccines was doled out to sanofi pasteur and MedImmune with a value of $132.5 million. The former received about 58% of the funding, and the latter got the rest. The aim is to increase the domestic flu vaccine manufacturing capacity. More.

The NHGRI takes the final spot in this top-five list with its $80 million worth of funding for expanding the ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements (ENCODE) project. Affymetrix won $10.2 million, while the other recipients were academic institutes. The goal is to develop high-throughput technologies for the identification of functional regions of the human genome. More.

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