KBP’s existing building will install Bayer’s magnICON technology, with testing to begin in spring 2009.

Bayer Innovation and Kentucky Bioprocessing (KPB) are collaborating to develop a facility at KBP’s Owensboro, Kentucky plant. Based on Bayer’s magnICON® technology, the site will produce plant-made pharmaceutical proteins and other products on commercial scale. Construction is scheduled to begin next month. Completion and initial testing of the facilities is planned for spring of 2009.

Under terms of the agreement, KBP will adapt its existing cGMP-compliant facility by installing an automated system for high-throughput transfection of tobacco host plants. The agreement makes KBP the preferred production partner for the application of magnICON, which produces proteins in tobacco plants.

Bayer has internal product development projects based on the magnICON platform, for example, a vaccine for the therapy of non-hodgkin-lymphoma. Bayer is also in the process of licensing out magnICON to other parties.

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