Deal covers assay performance verification studies and identification of performance characteristics.

Battelle Eastern Science and Technology Center will assess IntelligentMDx’ molecular test for monitoring kidney transplant patients. IntelligentMDx’ quantitative BK virus (BKV) real-time PCR assay is being designed to track the course of BKV infection and monitor response to treatment.

Batelle will conduct assay performance verification studies and other research to identify its performance characteristics.

BKV has recently emerged as an important pathogen in nephropathy in kidney transplant patients and hemorrhagic cystitis in human stem cell transplant patients, according to IntelligentMDx.

The company reports that it has a process to manage the design, development, and manufacturing of pathogen assays that are platform agnostic and adaptable to all nucleic acid detection methodologies. IntelligentMDx believes that it can thus overcome the challenge inherent in current reagent design methods, which do not take into account genetic diversity and other key performance metrics.

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