Avantor reports that it will collaborate with Cytovance Biologics to accelerate plasmid DNA development for biopharma customers. The collaboration is expected to advance plasmid optimization and sourcing services for new and existing viral vector and mRNA-based vaccine and therapeutic customers.

“Demand for therapeutic biologics in the gene therapy space is increasing rapidly and will require increased manufacturing capacity and expertise,” explained Ger Brophy, PhD, executive VP, biopharma production for Avantor. “Our collaboration with Cytovance Biologics demonstrates our commitment to cell and gene therapy biomanufacturers and will support our role in unlocking the potential these therapies hold for patients around the globe.”

Naomi Seresinhe, senior vice president of business operations for Cytovance Biologics, added, “production of plasmid DNA extends our microbial capabilities to support the growth of the cell and gene therapy space. We are delighted to be working closely with Avantor to support the biopharmaceutical industry on a global level.”

“Avantor looks forward to our collaboration with Cytovance Biologics to move science forward through expanding our capacity, educating customers on our unique capabilities, and engaging with new and potential customers in this growing space,” concluded Brophy.

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