Last year Michael Crick sold a 1953 letter from his father Francis to him about the discovery of DNA’s structure for $6 million. Now he’s looking to sell his late father’s two Mercedes automobiles.

One is a 1986 300E model and the other a 1997 320E. Both are white. “Being 6 foot 3 inches, my father found the cars comfortable and fairly easy to get in and out of,” Michael explained. “They are prestige items and not for someone looking for a first car.”

Looking back to last April’s Christie’s auction, Michael called the experience “surreal,” adding that “everybody was quite surprised” that the anonymous buyer paid about three times what the letter, which was written to then 12-year-old Michael a month before the formal paper was published in Nature, was expected to be worth.

For more information about his father’s cars you can reach Michael at [email protected].

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