The multipotent, adult progenitor cell-based product is being developed to treat cardiovascular disorders, stroke, bone marrow transplantation, and for oncology support.

Lonza has successfully produced a clinical-grade master cell bank and initial product doses intended to support Athersys’ MultiStem program in clinical trial activity in 2007 and 2008.

Athersys is developing MultiStem to treat patients for certain cardiovascular disorders, stroke, bone marrow transplantation, and oncology support. It is a multipotent adult progenitor cell (MAPC)-based product. The stem cells are isolated from the bone marrow and other nonembryonic tissue sources that have the potential to develop into a range of cell types and can be expanded ex vivo while retaining their potency, according to an Athersys. 

“We believe that our master cell bank gives us the potential to manufacture hundreds of thousands or more MultiStem doses from a single donor, enabling us to advance multiple programs into clinical development, and treat patients with a variety of conditions,” comments B.J. Lehmann, president and COO at Athersys.

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