Deal will initially span five years and look at neuroscience.

Jubilant Biosys entered a research collaboration agreement with AstraZeneca, which will initially focus on the neuroscience area. Under the shared risk-reward collaboration, Jubilant is tasked with delivering a steady stream of discovery programs to AstraZeneca.

The goal is to provide AstraZeneca with four to six preclinical programs, which could lead to one to two preclinical candidates per year for the initial five-year period, according to Seema Ahuja, media spokesperson for Jubilant.

AstraZeneca will have global ownership of the compounds developed under the collaboration. Jubilant will be eligible to receive research funding, spanning an initial five-year period. In addition, AstraZeneca will also pay success-based development milestones as well as royalties on global commercialization of any compound.

Jubilant Biosys provides integrated drug discovery and development solutions with a facility in Bangalore. The center houses over 300 scientists specializing in disciplines ranging from discovery biology, toxicology, and information technology.

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