Tests will be designed on AB Sciex’ mass spec QTRAP technology.

AB Sciex is collaborating with Arup Laboratories to design new tests that clinical research laboratories can adopt to improve hormone analysis. They will use AB Sciex’ QTRAP® 5500 mass spectrometry system to develop methods that AB Sciex can turn into preconfigured iMethod™ tests available for download into AB Sciex Cliquid® software.

Because many hormones exist in extremely low abundance, immunoassay-based approaches are often plagued by interferences, preventing them from obtaining accurate measurements. To address this challenge, Arup says that it turned to QTRAP technology to obtain a higher level of sensitivity while confirming the results with qualitative capabilities within the same system.

The QTRAP 5500 combines high sensitivity and speed on a platform that integrates quantitative and qualitative analysis, representing a better type of triple quadrupole, according to AB Sciex. “Our mission in the mass spectrometry lab of Arup is to push the limits of quantitation as low as we can, so we can deliver better results for clinical research,” says Alan Rockwood, Ph.D., scientific director of the mass spectrometry lab at Arup.

Joe Anacleto, vp and GM of the applied markets and clinical research business, AB Sciex, remarks, “The shift to mass spectrometry-based clinical research continues to rapidly accelerate. To have a leading clinical reference laboratory such as Arup Laboratories utilize QTRAP technology for method development reinforces the importance of high sensitivity that AB Sciex technology delivers.”

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