Select Vaccines is using VLPs in a candidate avian influenza vaccine.

Select Vaccines reports the achievement of a key manufacturing goal, having produced virus-like particles (VLPs) from a large-scale, yeast-based expression system. Production of Select Vaccines’ candidate avian influenza VLP vaccine was achieved by the company’s European subcontractor, Artes Biotechnology, whose technologies include the yeast systems Hansenula polymorpha and Arxula adeninivorans.

Artes’ systems are fully scalable and can be used to produce vaccine material for future clinical studies, according to Select Vaccines.

“The latest results from Artes demonstrate stable expression of influenza VLPs in yeast cells,” notes Martin Soust, CEO of Select Vaccines. “These cells can be stored as required and then used to produce the avian flu VLP vaccine material using standard, large-scale yeast fermentation systems.”

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