Firm’s time domain optical imaging platform will be used.

ART Advanced Research Technologies is collaborating with the National Research Council of Canada’s Institute for Biological Sciences (NRC-IBS) to develop client-oriented diagnostic applications.

ART will implement its time domain (TD) technology for R&D activities under this partnership. The collaborators expect to expand the diagnostic applications of this platform and related equipment for use in various disease models.

“The NRC-IBS is very pleased to collaborate with ART for the development of better diagnostics using molecular imaging, which can help identify and characterize brain-specific targets, and develop improved therapies for neurodegenerative diseases affecting the aging population,” says Abedelnasser Abulrob, Research Officer at the NRC-IBS. “Optical imaging-based approaches also promise to accelerate drug evaluation.”

Abulrob’s team has been using ART’s in vivo optical imager, Optix® MX2, for new applications of optical imaging and fluorescence lifetime in addition to the evaluation of drugs in stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and brain cancer. ART’s second TD-based tool is called SoftScan® and for the detecttion and diagnosis breast cancer.

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