Phase I trials for two small molecules anticipated to begin in 2009.

Arno Therapeutics entered into worldwide, exclusive license agreements with The Ohio State University to develop and commercialize novel, orally available targeted therapies for cancer.

Pursuant to the terms of the license agreement, Arno will pay development-based milestones and royalties based on sales of the licensed products. The acquired rights cover several small molecules including OSU-03012 and OSU-HDAC42. Arno plans to initiate Phase I trials for both candidates in 2009.

OSU-03012 is a PDK-1 inhibitor that reportedly targets the Akt pathway and possesses activity in alternate pathways to target apoptosis and angiogenesis. Preclinical data has demonstrated activity in multiple tumor types and synergistic activity with other agents including Avastin®, Herceptin®, Tarceva®, Gleevec®, and tamoxifen, according to Arno.

OSU-HDAC42 is a broad-spectrum histone-deacetylase inhibitor with additional mechanisms as well, the company adds. In preclinical studies OSU-HDAC42 has demonstrated greater potency and a competitive profile in solid and liquid tumors when compared with vorinostat, Arno contines.

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