Company will employ its KEM Clinical technology.

Fovea Pharmaceuticals is utiliziling Ariana Pharma’s clinical data-management services to assess its Phase II-stage allergic conjunctivitis therapy, Prednisporin. Ariana will deploy its KEM® Clinical (knowledge extraction and management) decision-support platform to analyze data and optimize clinical design as well as maximize the probability of successfully developing the drug.

Prednisporin is a formulation of a topical combination of prednisolone and cyclosporine A, each at a lower than usual clinical dosage. The goal is to maximize the safety profile while maintaining clinical efficacy. Fovea reported positive Phase II results in May 2009.

Ariana will use KEM Clinicals to further mine the data. Additionally, the company says that the platform can also help better define patients who will benefit from the product.

Sanofi-aventis bought Fovea back in October 2009 for almost $540 million. Fovea’s pipeline also includes FOV 2302, an intravitreal formulation of a plasma kallikrein inhibitor in Phase I for the treatment of retinal vein occlusion-induced macular edema, and FOV 2304, a potent antagonist of bradykinin B1 receptor, active by eye drop, for the treatment of diabetic macular edema. FOV 2302 is also currently awaiting FDA approval for systemic treatment of hereditary angioedema.

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