Pathway Studio® will be leveraged to integrate published findings with their miRNA experimental data.

Ariadne signed an agreement granting Georgetown University a site license to use its Pathway Studio® integrated data mining and visualization software. The deal allows researchers at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center to share findings using Pathway Studio through the Georgetown Database of Cancer (G-DOC).

“Finding tools that can help integrate published findings with our microRNA experimental data is exciting as this advancement will enhance our ability to create disease models and hypotheses more rapidly and with greater accuracy,” states Subha Madhavan, Ph.D., director of clinical research informatics at Georgetown Lombardi.

Pathway Studio, built and powered by MedScan® technology, is designed to rapidly extract facts and relationships from large document collectionsand build databases while supporting the integration of OMICS experiments. The extracted knowledge is used in an interactive scaffold for defining and testing in silico-based hypotheses across a wide range of disciplines including mechanistic modeling of disease, drug action, and toxicity as well as biomarker discovery, cellular and network pathway building, and protein-protein interactions.

The software allows researchers to mine, integrate, analyze, and visualize results individually or as an integrated workflow. Separate analyses can be combined or intersected for advanced applications and discovery. Pathway Studio is available in desktop and enterprise versions along with therapeutic-focused databases and cartridges.

Georgetown Lombardi joins a list of Ariadne customers that includes the Bayer HealthCare, Merck & Co., NCI, and Vanderbilt University. Last month, Monsanto renewed a multisite license agreement for use of Pathway Studio Enterprise software.

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