New solutions are expected to help tie up protein pathway information with medicinal chemistry.

Bionformatics firms Ariadne and Aureus Genomics are teaming up to see how a combination of their technologies could provide new solutions for understanding the mechanisms of action between therapeutic proteins, protein pathways, and small molecules. The firms will focus on synergies in their knowledge-management solutions relating to protein pathways and medicinal chemistry. Ariadne will also distribute Aureus’ products in the U.S.

“The partnership between Aureus and Ariadne will enable support synergies in discovery and development workflows as used across multiple departments and scientific disciplines in the life science industry,” remarks Jason Theodosiou, Ph.D., Aureus CEO. “Both companies are innovative and have created solutions that organize high-quality data from various sources to better identify, create, distribute, and enable knowledge integration within an organization.”

Ariadne’s flagship Pathway Studio software has been developed to build and display molecular pathways to help scientists identify connections of biomedical interest. The firm claims that the platform allows users to build, visualize, analyze, and curate pathways as well as import and analyze gene and protein lists, interpret microarray gene-expression data, and analyze proteomics, metabolomics, and other high-throughput data.

Aureus provides a range of scientific knowledge solutions to facilitate an understanding of the relationships between biological targets and compounds under evaluation. The firm monitors and organizes relevant information from scientific literature, including in vitro and in vivo protocols.

The detailed information forms the AurSCOPE® database, which focuses on major classes of therapeutic targets including GPCRs, kinases, ion channels, proteases, and nuclear receptors. Additional AurSCOPE databases relate to safety, toxicology, and pharmacokinetics.

Consolidating all the therapeutic targets, the AurSCOPE Global Pharmacology Space is designed to provide researchers with what Aureus claims is the most comprehensive available coverage of the druggable genome. Applications include the web-based AurQUEST® query tool, DDI Predict® for drug-drug interactions, and AurPROFILER®, a compound-profiling visualization tool.

In March the firm reported its participation in the €118 million (about $114.46 million) Biointelligence R&D program, established to promote the use of systemic modeling and simulation tools in the life science industry.

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