Plant will be focused on purification of collagen products.

LifeCyte will assist arGentis Pharmaceuticals in the design and development of a dedicated cGMP facility. The site will work on the purification of arGentis’ collagen products portfolio.

“arGentis’ plan is to move the collagen production process from the laboratory into a facility that can purify commercial quantities,” points out Tom Davis, CEO of arGentis. “In addition, the purity and variety of collagens that will be produced at the cGMP facility also affords us a revenue opportunity by providing highly purified collagen to the research and medical device markets.”

Initially bovine native type 1 collagen will be purified for use in ARG201, arGentis’ treatment for systemic sclerosis. The compound is expected to enter a Phase III trial in 2008.

The firm says it will also produce various types of highly purified (greater than 98%) collagen for the research and the medical device industries. arGentis Collagen Labs will produce multiple types of collagen with broad ranging deliverables, adds Davis.

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