Collaboration will explore the potential for targeted delivery of a DsiRNA payload using aptamers.

Archemix and Dicerna Pharmaceuticals are combining technologies and expertise to develop aptamer-DsiRNA therapeutics. “This agreement leverages our aptamer expertise and intellectual property estate with Dicerna’s expertise in RNAi therapeutics to develop a technology with the potential to mediate targeted delivery, intracellular uptake, and gene silencing,” remarks Kenneth M. Bate, president and CEO of Archemix.

The companies will each invest resources and will work together on the R&D activities. Dicerna has the option to obtain exclusive rights to develop and commercialize aptamer-DsiRNA therapeutics generated during the collaboration.

“With our second generation Dicer Substrate Technology, we have demonstrated superior potency and extended duration of action,” states James C. Jenson, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Dicerna. “Now, through this agreement with Archemix, we aim to explore these therapeutic advantages against certain important cellular targets.”

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