SNPlex program developed to broaden access to technology for the study of genetic variations.

Applied Biosystems has established a global genotyping service. The SNPlex™ service provider program was created for research laboratories that do not have access to capillary electrophoresis genetic analysis instrument systems.

“The SNPlex service provider program facilitates access to a complete genotyping analysis system for those who have not scaled up their research and made an investment to purchase on their own,” explains Phoebe White, senior director of genotyping, Applied Biosystems.

The providers in the program include the Chinese National Human Genome Center, DNAVision in Belgium, IntegraGen  in France, Medical Solutions Geneservice in the U.K., the UCLA DNA Sequencing and Genotyping Core Facility, and Vanderbilt University DNA Sequencing and Genotyping Facility.

Members of the program were chosen based on proficiency in executing the SNPlex chemistry workflow and generating reliable data using GeneMapper™ software for data analysis, according to White.

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