Firm will be able to develop and commercialize certain IGF antagonists identified during its alliance with Novo Nordisk.

Antyra entered into a global licensing agreement with Novo Nordisk for IGF-related antagonists for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Antyra will obtain exclusive rights to develop and commercialize certain IGF antagonists discovered during the research and license collaboration agreement entered into between the companies in December 2001.

“We are very happy to conclude this arrangement with Novo Nordisk,” comments Neil Goldstein, Ph.D., Antyra’s president and CSO. “We believe that the company has generated some exciting data with several of the IGF-1R antagonists and they represent a novel and potentially effective clinical strategy for the treatment of pancreatic and other cancers.”

“Our IGF antagonists,” adds John Prendergast, executive chairman, “are representative of a new generation of therapeutics called Peptimetics, which have all the attributes of targeted therapeutics with several advantages such as improved specificity, low cost of goods, and ease of manufacture.

“We believe that the development of our Peptimetics can have an immediate and beneficial impact on the treatment of cancer and many other therapeutic indications and as such are intended to present competitive and viable alternatives to other biopharmaceuticals, such as antibodies as well as traditional small molecules.”

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