Agreement covers PPM1D inhibitors, which have been said to kill cells that overexpress magnesium-dependent 1-delta phosphatase.

Antisoma has licensed anticancer compounds called PPM1D (protein phosphatase magnesium-dependent 1-delta) inhibitors from The Institute of Cancer Research. Antisoma and the institute will collaborate to explore the potential of these molecules, while Antisoma will continue preclinical development.

Antisoma will make an upfront payment and fund certain research at the institute. The institute will also receive success-based fees related to development and regulatory achievements as well as royalties upon commercialization.

The licensed compounds inhibit PPM1D and selectively kill cells that over-express this phosphatase, according to Antisoma. Overexpression of PPM1D occurs in many cases of cancer and can be readily detected, the company adds. Further joint research on the PPM1D inhibitors will take place at the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre and the Cancer Research UK Centre for Cancer Therapeutics.

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