Agreement also provides the RPCI with an equity position in the company.

AndroBioSys reports that it has gained exclusive rights to patented technology that will enhance it’s research efforts in the area of prostate cancer.

The IP was held by James Mohler, M.D., and Gary Smith, Ph.D., coleaders of the prostate cancer program at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) and founders of AndroBioSy. The agreement also provides RPCI with an equity position in the company.

AndroBioSys will focus its efforts on identifying specific targets in prostate tumors (e.g., prostate vasculature, tumor stem cells, and androgen metabolism), which may be developed to improve prostate cancer treatment.

“Androgen-deprivation therapy is the most common systemic treatment for prostate cancer; the treatment is very effective for inducing remission but those remissions last only a few years,” says Dr. Mohler, who also serves as chair of RPCI’s department of urologic oncology. “The primary goal of ABS is to pioneer new therapeutic approaches for advanced prostate cancer that will make androgen-deprivation therapy curative, not palliative.”

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