Firm will initially evaluate Delmopinol in combination with its own antimicrobial foam technology.

Advanced Medical Solutions (AMS) negotiated a six-month option to exclusively license Sinclair IS Pharma’s Delmopinol antibiofilm technology for the development of foam-based woundcare dressings. Working with University collaborators AMS has already evaluated the efficacy of Delmpinol in a range of in vitro models to assess its potential in combination with its own anti-microbial woundcare dressing.

The firm will now carry out further R&D and feasibility testing for up to six months before deciding on whether to license the technology for the designated indication. “Our R&D program has been looking into ways to control biofilms within chronic wounds in order to further improve the efficacy of our dressings,” notes Chris Meredith, AMS CEO.

“Whilst there is still work to do to confirm its feasibility, indications so far are encouraging that a combination of Delmopinol, and our own antimicrobial foam technologies could provide an effective new range dressings to combat biofilms.”

U.K.-based specialty pharmaceutical company Sinclair IS is focused on developing products for the treatment of wounds as well as dermatological and oral diseases through advanced surface technology and delivery systems. Delmopinol is the active ingredient in the firm’s Decapinol® brand of oral healthcare products. Sinclair IS claims the antibiofilm agent has a mechanism of action that differentiates it from antiseptics and antibiotics, which avoids the problem of propagating resistant bacterial strains.

Also based in the U.K., woundcare firm AMS has specialist expertise in the technologies spanning alginates/silver alginate, cyanoacrylates, biocompatible films, foam woundcare dressings, hydrocolloids, and hydrogels. The firm’s commercial presence is headed by its ActivHeal woundcare products and LiquiBand cyanoacryalte adhesive products for medical and surgical applications.

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