Firm will now be able to offer sterile fill and finish services for small molecules and biologics.

AMRI is picking up Hyaluron for $27 million. The acquisition expands AMRI’s contract manufacturing capabilities to include cGMP manufacturing and sterile filling of parenteral drugs for the biopharmaceutical industry. Hyaluron forecasts full year 2010 revenue to be $15 to $17 million, up from $13 million for the full year 2009.

Hyaluron provides services in sterile syringe and vial filling using specialized technologies. In 2008, the firm was granted a patent for its process for aseptic online vacuum filling and online vacuum stoppering of low viscosity liquids in syringes called Bubble-Free Filling. Hyaluron provides these services for both small molecule drug products as well as biologicals from clinical phase to commercial scale.

“AMRI is excited to announce our entry into the rapidly growing sterile fill injectables market, including capabilities to formulate and manufacture protein-containing drug products,” remarks AMRI chairman and CEO, Thomas E. D’Ambra, Ph.D. “This acquisition immediately expands the synergies we can offer to our customers, by providing services in preparation of active ingredients and finished dosage form.”

AMRI can now offer an integrated process for sterile injectable drugs including the development and manufacture of the API, the design of the criteria to formulate the API into an injectable drug product, and the manufacture of the final drug product.

“We believe that the unique capabilities of both organizations will quickly assimilate into a larger, fully integrated GMP manufacturing provider of choice for companies desiring to capitalize on seamless technology transfer and the related increased efficiency and cost benefits of such a model,” Dr. D’Ambra continues.

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