Plant in Aurangabad will provide a 1,000-liter scale.

AMRI reports that is has expanded the multipurpose pilot plants in Aurangabad, India, providing non-GMP manufacturing services up to a 1,000-liters scale.

The move increases AMRI’s ability to provide customized pilot-scale materials for customers. In addition to being a stand-alone provider, the new facility will serve as an extension to AMRI’s kilo-lab capabilities in Hyderabad, India, which operates to 100 liters in scale.

Certain plant production will be dedicated to making starting materials for AMRI’s U.S. manufacturing facilities, significantly diminishing that plant’s reliance on external resource providers, the firm notes.

“We look forward to realizing cost savings at our U.S. manufacturing operations by becoming our own provider for some raw materials, eliminating third-party costs in both money and lead time,” says chairman, CEO, and president, Thomas E. D’Ambra, Ph.D.

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