Bristol-Myers Squibb will use screening platform, while Ambit gains rights to some preclinical and clinical candidates.

Bristol-Myers Squibb extended its collaboration with Ambit Biosciences for the discovery and development of kinase inhibitors. Ambit will use its KinomeScan™ technology to screen Bristol-Myers Squibb’s kinase-focused library.

Under the terms of the agreement, Bristol Myers-Squibb will make an upfront cash payment. Ambit will also receive rights to certain Bristol-Myers Squibb preclinical and clinical compounds.

Ambit and Bristol-Myers Squibb began their first KinomeScan collaboration in 2004. KinomeScan is a high-throughput method for screening small molecule libraries against a large number of human kinases. According to Ambit, at 353 human kinases, KinoMAX™ is the most comprehensive kinase profiling panel.

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