Amatsigroup, a provider of services for the development of human and veterinary pharmaceutical products, said today it has acquired Q-Biologicals, which offers biologics process development and biomanufacturing services. The price was not disclosed.

Amatsigroup said the acquisition was part of its growth and international expansion strategy, which includes expansion of its biological services.

Based in Toulouse, France, Amatsigroup finished last year with revenue of €33 million ($35.8 million) and a portfolio of more than 300 clients, with growth enhanced through four major acquisitions within the last two years.

The deal, Amatsigroup said, has enhanced its ability to develop new biologics through the integration of the AmatsiQBiologicals (Bioprocess, Biomanufacturing), AmatsiSEPS (Formulation Development), and AmatsiDBi (Sterile Manufacturing) facilities.

“With this acquisition, Amatsigroup positions itself as a major player in the fastest growing market segment: the development of biological molecules,” Amatsigroup Chairman Alain Sainsot said in a statement. “The integration of Q-Biologicals will give Amatsigroup a platform to consolidate its offering in the field of large molecules and offer the most complete service to its customers.”

Q-Biologicals is a provider of process development and biomanufacturing services based in Ghent, Belgium. Q-Biologicals specializes in biologicals used in therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics such as recombinant proteins, antibodies, viruses, and living cells.

A spin-off from the Flemish Institute of Biotechnology and Ghent University, Q-Biologicals has 20 employees and 2015 revenues of €4 million ($4.3 million). Since its founding in 2011, Q-Biologicals said, it has successfully delivered on almost 75 R&D projects and several clinical batch cGMP manufacturing projects.

“From its start, the Q-Biologicals team did a great job in developing the company to become an international player,” added Q-Biologicals CEO Annie Van Broekhoven.We are very pleased and thrilled to become part of the Amatsigroup, which we consider as an ideal partner to successfully grow our service offer.”

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