Company will provide $1.2 million for studies that include evaluation of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease in Asian populations.

Interleukin Genetics and Access Business Group (ABG) are collaborating to conduct genetic risk assessment studies. The firms will focus on osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, nutrigenomics, and dermagenomics.

ABG will pay $1.2 million during this year for the research, which Interleukin Genetics will conduct. Approximately $800,000 of unspent funding from prior research agreements with ABG shall also be credited against the costs incurred under this new agreement.

Studies aim at correlating SNPs to the risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease in Asian populations. The partners will also seek to identify genetic factors that influence athletic performance and skin appearance.

Interleukin Genetics reports that previous agreements with Alticor led to the commercial launch in March 2006 of a genetic test for  early heart disease risk, a nutritional supplement beneficial for those who test positive for the genetic risk factor identified by this test, and a general nutrition test panel.

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