Deal means U.K. company now has rights to entire OphthalmoPharma pipeline.

Specialty ophthalmic pharmaceutical firm Altacor negotiated an exclusive worldwide license to Switzerland-based Ophthalmopharma’s clinical-stage latanoprost CD and cyclosporine A prodrug candidates. The deal means U.K.-based Altacor now has exclusive rights to the entire Ophthalmopharma pipeline: in April the firm acquired exclusive rights to Ophthalmopharma’s preloaded intraocular lens injector (SOLO®) for lens delivery in cataract surgery or corrective lens replacement procedures, and also acquired a worldwide license to Eyebar®, a chocolate-based nutraceutical developed to help slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration.

Latanoprost CD is a water-soluble, preservative-free formulation of latanoprost, currently in Phase II/III development for the treatment of glaucoma. The Phase II-stage cyclosporin A prodrug is a water-soluble formulation that has been developed to demonstrate improved tolerability in the treatment of dry eye syndrome, corneal transplantation, and uveitis.

“Both of these development products fit well with our current pipeline, strengthening Altacor’s position in our key areas of focus: diseases of the front of the eye and glaucoma,” comments Fran Crawford, Ph.D., Altacor CEO. “These projects heighten our profile of a low-risk, fast-to-market development pipeline.”

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