Milestone fees of $61 million depend on research, development, and sales success.

Allergan is paying Polyphor $7 million upfront to use the latter’s protein epitope mimetics technology (PEM) to find drugs for eye diseases. This license and discovery partnership is worth about $68 million in milestones.

Allergan and Polyphor will conduct a research program to identify PEM cytokine inhibitors suited for local delivery to the eye using Allergan’s drug delivery systems. Allergan will progress these compounds through clinical development. Polyphor stands to earn success-based fees for research, development, and first commercial sales plus royalties on product sales.

 “The combination of Allergan’s expertise in ophthalmic drug delivery and development with Polyphor’s PEM inhibitors represents a unique opportunity for innovative treatments of eye diseases,” comments Daniel Obrecht, CSO of Polyphor.

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