AlgoNomics will analyze protein-protein and protein-peptide interactions and use its structure database to evaluate Genmab’s antibody scaffolds.

AlgoNomics will aid Genmab in the structural analysis of its antibody scaffolds. Under the terms of the research collaboration, AlgoNomics will employ its antibody structure database and Tripole® technology.

The agreement focuses on the analysis of the structural properties of Genmab’s fully human antibodies and UniBody® molecules. UniBody reportedly creates a stable, smaller antibody format with an anticipated longer therapeutic window than current small antibody formats.

Tripole has the ability to unravel protein-protein and protein-peptide interactions, AlgoNomics notes. Focusing on therapeutic antibodies and antibody-based proteins, the company has developed an in-house, annotated database of structurally aligned antibody domains.

The collaborators anticipate that by combining experimental observations with analyses performed by AlgoNomics, it may be possible to further improve on the properties of the UniBody molecules. Genmab believes this platform has the potential to expand the market for targeted therapeutics, in particular for some cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Under the agreement, AlgoNomics is eligible for research funding and subsequent potential milestone payments from Genmab.

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