Alethia Biotherapeutics and the International Biotechnology Center (IBC) Generium are teaming up to jointly develop AB-16B5, a mAB inhibitor of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT).

Alethia and IBC Generium will collaborate for the ongoing development of AB-16B5 and, once the initial clinical study is complete, share equally in the downstream economics in territories outside Russia and the CIS. Alethia will receive an up-front cash payment and R&D funding to conduct the initial clinical study in Canada. In addition to an exclusive license granted for other territories, IBC Generium has also been granted the right to an exclusive license for Russia and the CISs for which development milestones and royalties would be payable to Alethia.

“EMT is a key contributor to both tumor invasion and the emergence of resistance to many cancer therapies,” Daniil Talyanskiy, CBO at IBC Generium commented. “The excellent EMT inhibitor program developed at Alethia represents a unique opportunity for our company to accelerate the development of a novel therapy with potential applications in multiple cancer indications.”

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