Alethia will provide Biosite functional targets to be evaluated as markers, and Biosite will provide Mabs to accelerate Alethia’s R&D.

Alethia Biotherapeutics inked a deal with Biosite for the development of recombinant Mabs against validated targets in ovarian cancer.

“The development of monoclonal antibodies is directly in line with our drug development strategy to provide disease-specific targets for focused therapeutics,” says Mario Filion, executive vp and CSO of Alethia. “The outcome of this collaboration will constitute the first candidate leads to achieve this objective.”

Under the terms of the exclusive collaborative agreement, Alethia will provide Biosite with access to highly specific functional targets that will be evaluated as markers for ovarian cancer. In return, Biosite will provide Alethia with Mabs for validated disease-specific targets to accelerate Alethia’s R&D.

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