Company gained rights to cilomilast and expanded research alliance with Origenis.

Alcon obtained rights to a GlaxoSmithKline compound for use in the ophthalmic setting and also expanded a research collaboration related to eye diseases with Origenis. Both deals were inked to enhance Alcon’s pipeline of drugs related to eye disease.

Through the GSK license, Alcon has global ophthalmic rights to cilomilast, a phosphodiesterase IV inhibitor. GSK retains all rights to the candidate for applications outside of ophthalmic indications and a right to copromote cilomilast to some physicians for ophthalmic indications.

Alcon paid an upfront fee and will make additional payments based on the achievement of developmental milestones and product approvals. GSK will also earn royalties on the future sales.

In addition to this new agreement, Alcon expanded its existing drug research alliance with Origenis with a focus on the discovery and development of the small molecules that might one day have a role in the treatment of eye diseases.

Under the expanded alliance with Origenis, Alcon will keep rights to any products for ophthalmic and nasal applications. Origenis will own certain rights to all other uses of drug candidates discovered during the partnership. Alcon will pay Origenis a series of development milestones and royalties on sales.

“Alcon’s focus is on expanding our research pipeline through targeted collaborations,” points out Sabri Markabi, M.D., svp of R&D and CMO. “We believe the cilomilast compound has potential for treating dry eye as well as other ophthalmic conditions. The expansion of our already successful arrangement with Origenis will also help Alcon add more early-stage compounds to our exploratory efforts.”

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