BioNanomatrix will use its nanoscale imaging methodology, and Agilent will work on the measurement instrument.

Agilent Technologies and BioNanomatrix agreed to combine their technologies to develop a genetic analysis system. BioNanomatrix will apply its nanoscale single molecule imaging technology to develop consumable chips and reagents. Agilent will develop the measurement instrumentation platform for the system. 

“BioNanomatrix’s unique nanoscale whole genome imaging and analysis technology, with sensitivity at the level of the single molecule, has the potential to enable a number of important new applications for life sciences research and clinical medicine,” according to Nick Roelofs, vp and general manager of the life sciences solutions unit at Agilent.

“We now have a partner with strong life sciences expertise and capabilities committed to working with us to develop key life sciences applications such as assays for genotoxicity and cytogenetics as well as potentially DNA sequencing,” says Michael Boyce-Jacino, Ph.D., CEO of BioNanomatrix.

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