Affymetrix has been selected by the SNP Health Association Resource (SHARE) project for a large-scale whole-genome association study. As part of the project, Affymetrix will collaborate with NHLBI and NCBI to identify genetic variants associated with heart, lung, blood, and sleep disorders.

The SHARE project will analyze more than 9,000 samples collected by the NHLBI and Boston University for the Framingham Heart Study. Data has been collected on cardiovascular diseases by the Framingham Heart Study from more than 15,000 samples since 1948 spanning three generations of individuals.

The Affymetrix 500K Array, which allows researchers to analyze 500,000 markers simultaneously, will be used for this large-scale whole-genome association study, according to the company.

As part of the SHARE project, researchers will work to integrate genome-wide genotypic information with phenotypic information from multiple NHLBI studies. The data will be available to the scientific community for further genome-wide association analyses.

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