Affymetrix’ QuantiGene ViewRNA assay will be available in Q3 2012 on the Leica BOND RX platform.

Affymetrix and Leica Microsystems report a worldwide collaboration that automates Affymetrix’ QuantiGene® ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay on the Leica BOND RX staining platform for research applications. This partnership provides researchers with a solution for drug discovery, translational research, and the development of new companion diagnostic tests by significantly reducing assay time for single-copy RNA in situ hybridization (ISH) analysis, the firms point out.

Affymetrix’ QuantiGene ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay will be available in Q3 2012 on the research-optimized Leica BOND RX platform. An optimized QuantiGene ViewRNA staining protocol will be preloaded onto the Leica BOND RX and a complete staining kit including probes and all detection components will be available from Affymetrix.

The QuantiGene ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay enables researchers to measure RNA expression directly in a tissue section at single-copy sensitivity. Over 1,000 standard probes are already available and it only takes a few days to produce a customized probe for a new gene target, Affymetrix notes.

The Leica BOND RX system automates the staining process, bringing all the benefits of consistency, reduced labor, and speed. This means researchers can now have access to same-day assay completion and, with a standardized staining protocol, rapid set-up for any probe.

“We are excited by this partnership with Leica as it unlocks the true potential of single-copy RNA analysis, and we believe it will accelerate the discovery of important new drugs and the validation of novel companion tests,” states George Bers, vp and GM of expression business unit, Panomics, at Affymetrix.

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