NIH award supports collaboration to develop stem cell science and novel therapies.

Advanced Cell Technology was awarded a research grant from the NIH in the amount of $204,439 in conjunction with a research project currently under way with one of its academic partners, The Burnham Institute of Medical Research.
The grant combines Advanced Cell’s expertise in embryonic stem cell biology, phage display, phage-targeting technology and gene discovery, with Burnham Institute’s experience in developmental biology, cardiac biology, and vascular biology, among others.

The NIH grant was issued under a program to foster collaboration between business and academia. The award was granted to the company by the National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), a division of the NIH.

The NIH grant will further fund research by Advanced Cell and the Burnham Institute aimed at obtaining specialized cells of therapeutic interest from human embryonic stem cells using NIH-approved stem cell lines. The researchers are investigating the genetic mechanisms and the specific proteins believed to control how basic embryonic stem cells develop and differentiate into specific cells and complex tissues. Such understanding is central to fully harnessing and directing the regenerative powers of stem cells in medical applications, and to the creation and commercialization of stem cell therapies.

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