Acquisition of Infigen IP gives the company access to embryonic stem cell production technology.

Advanced Cell Technology has strengthened its intellectual property position in regenerative medicine with the acquisition of Infigen’s assets relating to somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). A total of 26 issued patents and numerous pending applications were gained for a combination of cash and shares of common stock.

With this transaction, Advanced Cell Technology’s royalty obligations under a previous license are removed. “This tactical acquisition is a part of our long-term plan to become one of the leading companies in the field of regenerative medicine,” remarks William M. Caldwell, CEO of Advanced Cell Technology. “We intend to use these technologies to further our product development and use the exclusive rights under these patents to protect the company and, as appropriate, leverage these patents through licensing transactions with potential strategic partners.” 

The company notes that Infigen filed some of the earliest and most strategic patents in fundamental steps related to SCNT. One such critical step is the activation of oocytes, a process designated parthenogenetic activation. This patent in particular, points out Michael West, Ph.D., Advanced Cell Technology’s president and CSO, “provides us with a dominant patent position in the production of human embryonic stem cells by parthenogenesis wherein stem cells are made from an egg cell without fertilization or SCNT.

Dr. West adds, “Combining these patents under one roof should simplify the regenerative medicine patent landscape. We will license out the animal applications for use in agriculture and animal science and use the human technologies for our internal programs including applications in the retina, vascular system, and dermatology.”

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