MorphoSys’ business unit, AbD Serotec, won a contract as sole source on a biodefense-related project by the the United States Army Medical Research Institute for infectious diseases (USAMRIID). The USAMRIID has ordered fully human recombinant research antibodies against five bacterial-derived toxins. AbD Serotec will generate these antibodies using the HuCAL GOLD® antibody library developed by MorphoSys.

Biological toxins derived from living organisms, such as bacteria and other microorganisms or plants, are biological agents with potential implications in bioterrorism. HuCAL-derived antibodies may support the development of countermeasures against such biological toxins or act as therapeutic agents themselves.

HuCAL GOLD utilizes a unique concept for the in vitro generation of specific and fully human antibodies, according to Morphosys. In contrast to traditional methods of antibody generation using animals, the company adds that its recombinant HuCAL GOLD technology can deliver antibodies against toxic molecules.

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