SSPGo products require only the addition of DNA to the room temperature-stable reaction mix.

Molecular diagnostics firm Biofortuna inked an exclusive deal with Abbott’s molecular diagnostics business centered on distribution of the U.K. firm’s freeze-dried HLA-typing kits. Under terms of the deal Abbott will have exclusive distribution rights to the SSPGo kits worldwide, except in France, Spain, Portugal, and the Benelux countries. Abbott also has rights to distribute the associated interpretation software, Verdict, as well as kit updates. Biofortuna says the SSPGo HLA-typing kits are CE-marked, and will be available through Abbott outside the U.S in June. Submission to FDA for approval of the kits in the U.S. has been made.  

Biofortuna’s products are based on what it claims is the world’s first freeze-dried PCR reaction mix. The resulting kits contain all necessary pre-dispensed buffers, primers & Taq, and require only the addition of DNA. The kits are stable at ambient temperatures for up to 16 months. The firm’s initial product line targets the SSP transplantation market, but the technology is also being harnessed to develop kits for blood grouping, disease identification, pharmacogenetic applications and HLA antibody screening. Verdict has been developed to accompany the SSPGo kits for results interpretation.

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