Company was initially founded as a joint venture between Applied Biosystems and MDS Analytical Technologies.

AB Sciex has morphed into a new firm that will focus on life science analytical technologies. Essentially, the Applied Biosystems and MDS Analytical Technologies AB Sciex joint venture partners will now go forward as a single operating company.

Company officials say the move was made because a more integrated organization is needed to focus on innovation and speed to market in an increasingly globalized and competitive life scieence marketplace. In addition, AB Sciex, which specializes in mass spectrometry systems, will try, through expanded technology and service offerings, to increase the range of novel applications for mass spec instrumentation and software.The company’s mass spec products already are used for projects as diverse as discovering biomarkers, improving food safety in China, and restoring the Florida Everglades.

The company also is rather unique in that it has two presidents. Laura Lauman is based in California, and Andy Boorn works out of Canada.

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