Analytical technologies firm AB Sciex is combining its chromatography business with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ capillary electrophoresis (CE) business with the aim of advancing separations science. This move, the companies say, will merge Beckman Coulter’s knowledge of microscale separation with the expertise in microfluidics of AB Sciex’ Eksigent chromatography team.

This combination will include the transition of personnel as well as CE technologies and resources from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences to AB Sciex, both of which are owned by Danaher. The current plan is to have the Sciex separations business manage both the standalone Beckman Coulter CE products and the integrated CE-MS technology by the end of Q3. The CE products will continue to be branded “Beckman Coulter,” and the separations business will also continue to manage all chromatography products, including Eksigent nano LC and micro LC systems, chips, software, and columns.

The firms say this new alignment will enable better serving of customers while addressing analytical challenges with powerful scientific strategies that take advantage of complementary technologies.

“We are bringing together the best in CE with the best in nano LC and micro LC as a unified team to broaden the range of solutions available to our customers,” said Rainer Blair, president of AB Sciex. “By integrating the Beckman Coulter CE team into the Sciex separations business, we will be able to take CE and our chromatography solutions to a whole new level.”

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