4SC Discovery and Crelux have entered a collaboration with AiCuris to identify and validate novel small molecule compounds targeting pathogen-specific interactions in infectious diseases.

Based on the joint integrated drug discovery platform i2c (“idea-to-candidate”) operated by 4SC Discovery and Crelux, the two companies will discover and optimize small molecule compounds with the goal to deliver high-quality drug candidates for an anti-infectious therapeutic approach by AiCuris.

Using 4SC’s 4SCan® method, a virtual screening approach will be performed to identify various inhibitors to the therapeutic target. Compounds identified as potential inhibitors of the respective target will be verified by using both established assays at AiCuris and the Intract in vitro screening systems at Crelux, the company said. In the course of the further discovery process, protein structures of verified hits with the target will be solved by i2c to enable rational design and guide further chemical optimization.

According to 4SC, the i2c platform operates on an integrated suite of technologies including virtual high-throughput screening, molecular modeling, X-ray crystallography, in vitro and cell-based screening, medicinal chemistry, and pharmacology.

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