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Whether you are searching for a DNA purification kit or outfitting a cGMP facility, GEN’s comprehensive new product database is your first and only stop. Conveniently categorized and searchable, the database covers the latest innovations from industry-leading suppliers.

Rapid Blood Group Genotyping


The ReadyPlex™ product family is new range of real-time PCR-based products for genomic analysis of erythrocyte blood groups, human platelet antigens, human neutrophil antigens, and coagulation polymorphisms. Each PCR reaction has an internal positive contro...

Single-Use Bioreactor


The CellMembra P-SUB is a single-use bioreactor available in sizes as small as 500 mL. It integrates the customizable single-use bioreactor with a high precision CerPhragm single-use pump (SUP) and single-use sensors with the single-use cross-flow filter. The CellMembra 500 mL P-SUB is f...

Cell Culture Imaging System

Cayman Chemical

The InCellis cell culture imaging system generates publication-quality images and time-lapse videos of cells on tissue slides or in cell culture. Multichannel fluorescence, phase contrast, and brightfield imaging can be easily performed by all biologists on the bench without the need for...

Walk-In Fume Hoods


The UniMax series of hoods has been expanded to include a wide selection of models that feature fire suppression systems to meet California requirements. Standard models range from 6–24’ wide, 4–8’ deep, and 7–16’ high. Tall app...

LC-MS/MS Clinical Analyzer

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Recently unveiled at AACC 2017, the Cascadion SM clinical analyzer brings together the ease of use of clinical analyzers with the selectivity and sensitivity of liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). The new, fully integrated analyzer is designed for use in a variety ...

Bioreactor Control System

Pall Life Sciences

The mPath benchtop bioreactor control system delivers accurate measurement and control of single-use process development-scale bioprocesses. It will support the Allegro™ XRS 25 bioreactor, with further expansions planned for the mPath
portfolio in 2017 and beyond....

IVF Culture Medium

Irvine Scientific

Continuous Single Culture® NX is a next-generation single-step culture medium for embryos. The new formulation contains the lowest optimal concentration of lactate in culture media. Excess lactate in culture medium can be ...

Clear Disposable Tips


These new clear tips are intended for use with Air LiHa™, Air FCA™, and Cavro® ADP pipetting options, providing cost-effective, verified performance for applications that do not require capacitive liqui...

HIV Monoclonal Antibodies

The Binding Site

New and unique monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), used for the clinical testing of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), are now available for in vitro diagnostic manufacturing and clinical research applications. The HIV P24 275; HIV P24 114; and HIV P24 antih...

UniFlow Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods


Perchloric acid hoods are engineered for the safe handling of perchloric acids in laboratory procedures. Hoods come in 48”, 60”, and 72” widths and include a dedicated wash-down and exhaust system. The UniFlow superstructure is constructed of either PVC or t...