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June 15, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 12)

Transfection Reagents

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OZ Biosciences

Designed to transfect primary and hard-to-transfect cells, Magnetofectamine™ is the combination of Lipofectamine™ 2000, a transfection reagent from Life Technologies (Invitrogen™) for nucleic acid delivery (DNA and siRNA), with the Magnetofection™ based reagent CombiMag. Magnetofection is a method of transfecting cells in vitro and in vivo. Magnetic force allows a rapid concentration of genetic material onto cells and promotes cellular uptake. In the presence of CombiMag reagent, Lipofectamine 2000 delivers DNA at higher efficiencies, from +30 to 500%. With Magnetofectamine, up to 75% transfection efficiencies can be achieved into many primary cells such as endothelial, chondrocytes, epithelial, and human mesenchymal stem cells.

  • OZ Biosciences
  • Parc scientifique de Luminy, Zone Luminy Entreprise
  • 163 avenue de Luminy- Case 922
  • Marseille , 13288 cedex 9

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