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August 1, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 14)

Tankyrase 1 Enzyme and Buffer Set

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Full-length Tankyrase 1 is now available as part of an enzyme and buffer set. Tankyrase 1 (PARP5A) appears to be associated with cancer and aging through its involvement in telomere length maintenance, sister telomere association, and mitotic spindle organization changes. This enzyme has been shown to drive tumor cell proliferation by activating the Wnt pathway. The enzyme and buffer set allows for identification of Tankyrase 1 activity or inhibition in an in vitro environment. The full-length protein (MW = 170 kDa) with His tag is provided.

  • Trevigen
  • 8405 Helgerman Ct
  • Gaithersburg MD, 20877

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