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March 15, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 6)

Single-Use STR

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CellVessel disposable, rigid plastic stirred tank bioreactors (STRs) are designed for cultivation of suspension mammalian cell lines. All CellVessels can be interchanged with any glass/steel STR. Seven sizes range from 100 mL to 6,000 mL working volume, and are operated by magnetic stirrer tables or servo motors. The ultra-small CellVessel is for stem cell cultivation in expensive media, and one larger CellVessel is designed for microbial fermentation. This new series of single-use STRs includes all needed components and ports for three classical PG13.5 sensors or even pre-installed pH and dO2 single-use sensors.

  • CerCell
  • Malmmosevej 19C
  • Holte , DK-2840

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