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February 1, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 3)

Salt-Tolerant Membrane Adsorber

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Sartorius Stedim Biotech

The Sartobind STIC PA (primary amine) anion-exchange membrane binds contaminants at high conductivities under high-salt conditions at up to 20 mS/cm. The salt-tolerant anion exchanger can directly process cation-exchange pools without further dilution. Sartobind pico 0.08 mL is the latest member of the Sartobind STIC family with nano, 5”, 10”, 30”, and mega capsules. Since all devices are used for flow-through polishing, a 4 mm bed height is kept constant to scale to larger devices up to 1.6 liters. The small membrane volume of 0.08 mL helps reduce material consumption during testing and virus spiking studies.

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